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Our mission is to bring a personalised, holistic and data driven approach to improving health and wellbeing.

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Every individual is genetically unique and could benefit from a personalised approach to their health & wellbeing.

Underpinned by expertise in genetics, data and a team of accredited health and wellbeing practitioners, our 3-step approach creates health programmes that are truly personalised, holistic and data driven, allowing you to achieve your optimised state of personal health and wellbeing.

Service #1


Our team works in collaboration with experts to perform in depth analysis of your genome and key health indicators.

We are privileged to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of leading scientists within the Cambridge genomics cluster.

Service #2


Our wide range of health practitioners build you a bespoke programme covering nutrition, fitness, mental wellbeing and disease prevention.

Your appointed health custodian will then be your single point of contact to explain and guide you through your unique plan.

Service #3


Our tailored programs are delivered virtually, with the option to also meet face to face as needed, meaning that we fit 100% around your schedule.

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Everything we do is based on analysis of your personal “big data”. We benefit from access to leading experts in genetics, health, nutrition and medicine, and deploy the latest technology to deliver a more detailed and actionable understanding of you.

We believe that each individual’s health information is intrinsically personal. We will never sell or share anyone’s data.

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