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About Uniquely Health

Who we are

At Uniquely Health, we’re a team of people who care about the whole of you and are dedicated to helping you feel better and staying healthy for longer.

We do this by deploying some of the most innovative analyses available that give us unique insights into your health, and by working with specialists in their respective fields, we’re able to deliver you a personalised health plan that is data-driven, holistic, and focused on prevention. The data tested is analysed by Uniquely Health clinicians who will determine what the health and wellbeing plan should be to help achieve optimal health and wellbeing in terms of protection and maintenance.  The plan will be monitored periodically by the clinician and adapted as necessary

All the laboratories we work with are CQC-regulated and follow the regulations to the highest quality. All clinicians that we work with are registered by their respective boards.

Our Story

From crisis care to keeping individuals healthy – the approach to healthcare is changing. With over half of poor health and early death linked to lifestyle factors that we can change (1), and evidence demonstrating the need for an individualised approach to health and wellbeing, we needed to do something different. 

That’s why the founders at Uniquely Health set up a service for individuals looking to take their health from 80 to 100%.

We provide a complete solution that is data-driven, holistic and personalised to deliver best in class experts, technology and care. Together we can achieve real and lasting results so you can feel your best. 

Uniquely Health clinical team

Multidisciplinary Support

Our health practitioners build a bespoke programme covering nutrition, fitness, mental wellbeing and disease prevention based on your own data. We don’t look at just one aspect of health, instead, we combine genetics, regular blood work analysis, data from wearable devices, and nutritional information to build a truly all-around picture of a person’s heath.

Clinical Team

Dr Phong Hoa Pham

Clinical Lead

Anna Kallianteri

Head of Dietetics & Health Custodian

Joel Redman

Exercise Scientist

Business Leaders

Beatriz Marques

CEO & Co-Founder

Edmund Lehmann

Co-Founder & Investor

Nicola Godsell

Marketing, Brand & Communications Lead

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Feeling well, staying healthy and catching problems early is better than feeling “average”, getting sick and fighting to recover.

It’s better for you as a person, and it’s better for families and our communities. And it helps relieve the burden on our healthcare systems too.

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