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Our service is designed for those who wish to improve their general health and wellbeing in the UK.

The Service

Our programmes start from 12 weeks and are designed to give long-lasting and sustainable improvements to your health.
Following your complimentary call, our team will develop a bespoke programme based on your needs and preferences, including the length of your programme.


The Uniquely Health App is designed exclusively for our customers. With the ability to track, record and sync health data, your clinicians will be given real-time data mapping out your health journey. Your personal insights will give a clear picture of your progress and allow your clinicians to constantly develop recommendations as you move forward.
When you begin a programme, you will gain access to the Uniquely Health app which acts as a tool to support your journey. 
App Features:

Nutrition: Log your food with ease using our AI-recognition software, barcode, search, and recipe creation functions.

Fitness: Record your strength and resistance workouts and see your key health metrics and movement data all in one place.

Wellbeing: Monitor your health and wellbeing with our questionnaires to deep dive into lifestyle factors that may be influencing how you feel.

Access anytime, anywhere: View your full blood results, and access your personalised health plans and resources shared by your clinical team.

The app becomes a place where you can track your trends and progress over time and record real-time data that captures your overall health data. With your consent, our clinical team has access to this information and will help to form the basis of your bi-weekly check-ins.
Our data-driven approach has been put in place to give you personalised, evidence-based recommendations to optimise your wellbeing and support your health goals.


Uniquely Health is here to support your holistic health and wellbeing. Blood testing provides a snapshot into your overall heatlh, with some blood biomarkers being influenced by your lifestyle. Our clinical lead will interpret your results and make evidence-based recommendations on how you may be able to optimise areas of your health.
If there is anything abnormal about your blood test results, then you will be advised to make your primary health care provider aware.

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