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Holistic Health and Wellbeing

Feel your best with our most holistic, data-driven and comprehensive health and wellness package yet.

Feel healthier and happier

Our health and wellbeing service is committed to delivering positive outcomes that are not only transformative but sustainable.

By embracing a multidisciplinary and personalised approach, we work collaboratively with our team of expert GPs, Exercise Scientists and Dietitians to develop a plan that is tailored to your unique needs and goals. No one-size-fits-all approach here – we put you at the centre of our efforts.

Our science-led practices, backed by our team’s professional training, ensure that you receive the most effective and sustainable solutions for your wellbeing journey.

Leveraging data-driven insights through our cutting-edge digital dashboard, we provide real-time progress tracking and make informed adjustments to keep you on the path to success. With the convenience of virtual support, we are here for you, wherever you are.

Together, we will achieve positive outcomes that empower you to unlock your full potential, leading to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled life.

Whatever your goal, we are here to help you achieve lasting results

Improving long-term health is crucial for leading a fulfilling and vibrant life.

By prioritising long-term health, you can reduce the risk of chronic diseases, increase energy levels, enhance mental clarity, and promote overall well-being.

To achieve this, adopting healthy lifestyle habits is essential. Incorporate a balanced diet, regular exercise, sufficient sleep, stress management, and positive social connections into your daily routine.

Our clinical team is well equipped to support healthy changes to your lifestyle. 

A Holistic Approach

Collaboration between a GP, Exercise Scientist and Dietitian.


We work WITH you to develop a comprehensive health and wellbeing plan that is right for you. No one size fits all approach.


Using insights from blood and genetic testing and your personal digital dashboard to log nutrition, sync wearable data to create a whole picture of your health.


Our experts have professional training to degree level and relevant accreditations to create effective and sustainable plans.


Fully virtual programme with flexibility around your needs and schedule to support you in a way that suits you.

Unlock your full potential today.

Embrace the power of a data-driven, holistic and personalised approach with our Health and Wellbeing Package. 

12 Week Programme

Holistic Health & Wellbeing
  • Comprehensive blood testing and results delivered by a GP
  • Clinical report of blood results and recommendations
  • Comprehensive assessment of health history, motivation, and goals
  • Personalised health and wellness plan with personalised workouts, meal plan and recommendations
  • Conversation with GP
  • Biweekly sessions with BDA registered dietitian
  • Biweekly sessions with an Exercise Scientist
  • Progress review with each a Dietitan and Exercise Scientist
  • Dashboard data-hub

At Uniquely Health, we provide a comprehensive set of services to deliver health plans that are highly bespoke to you. 

We use data from assessments, bloodwork and lifestyle tracking to create the most up-to-date picture of your health. We work with leading experts who collaborate to develop a personal wellness programme that works for you, based on your data and goals, which is supplemented with ongoing support – so you can achieve lasting change.

Our approach is based on 4 pillars


Leading diagnostics, highly personalised care and long-term support that leads to a genuine transformation in health and life. All journeys are supervised by our highly qualified Clinical Lead and begins with a comprehensive medical assessment. 


A comprehensive assessment followed by a personalised nutrition plan and support from our BDA regulated Dietitian. Our approach is highly targeted to you, addressing specific dietary concerns and deepening your knowledge through coaching, tips and motivation to suit your needs.


Highly personalised physical coaching that focuses on flexibility, coordination, stability, muscle mass, strength and endurance. Our Exercise Scientist will develop a highly personalised fitness plan based on your goals, age, expectations, health status and physical ability to achieve lasting results.


Focused on the mind-body connection as part of our holistic approach. Our clinicians incorporate sleep, mental wellbeing and building habits into our interventions so we can support positive lifestyle changes addressing the whole of you. 

Meet your Support Team

Dr Phong Hoa Pham

Clinical Lead

Anna Kallianteri

Dietitian & Health Custodian

Joel Redman

Exercise Scientist

Professional Clinicians

Accredited Labs

Data Protection

Personalised and preventative healthcare for you.

Throughout the process, you can always contact your personal Health Custodian to answer any questions.

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