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Creating sustainable long-lasting results
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We provide a long-term personalised health service, driven by data and approached holistically to optimise your health.

What's included:

Clinical Consultations

Benefit from ongoing support through virtual sessions with expert clinicians, including GPs, dietitians, and exercise scientists.

Personalised Plans

Receive clear actionable steps integrating key areas of your lifestyle with bespoke recommendations to help you achieve your goal.

Analyse Health data

Gather insights using our lifestyle mobile app and opting for full blood testing to gather insights into your health profile.

The Benefits

Feel confident in your health

We provide you with support, accountability and confidence to help you make informed lifestyle choices.

Gain Simplicity

We remove the burden of coordinating different health and lifestyle solutions by providing one clear guiding voice.

See results

Use your in-house app to share and track progress throughout your journey as you get closer to achieving your health goals. 

Get Peace of Mind

We pride ourselves in supporting long-term health, sharing practical strategies to help reduce your risk of developing disease.

Easily make changes

Our team of clinicians collaborate to recommend bespoke small and incremental changes to your lifestyle that fit seamlessly into your current life.

Whether you’re navigating an active condition, enhancing overall health, or pursuing specific milestones, our service is curated based on your goals and lifestyle and delivered by our clinical experts.

Professional Clinicians

Accredited Labs

Data Protection

Professional Clinicians 

Accredited Labs

Data Protection

How it Works

Uniquely Health - Diagram
Uniquely Health - Diagram

Meet your Support Team

General Practioner (GP)

Dr Jim Robinson

Clinical Lead

Dr. Jim Robinson has over 10 year’s experience in the NHS, serving as a General Practitioner, GP trainer, in Emergency Medicine, and as a tutor for the CPPE.

Jim itakes a clinical approach that looks at lifestyle factors, here to oversee clinical practices and work closely with our team for a well-grounded holistic service.

dietitian (dietician) nutritionist

Anna Kallianteri

Lead Dietitian

Anna has over 7 years of experience as a registered dietitian working in weight management and metabolic health in the NHS and private sector.

Anna is here to help develop healthy dietary and activity patterns as an essential part of a balanced, wholesome lifestyle through dietetic support.

Exercise Scientist (health professional)

Sabine Hoadley

Lead Exercise Scientist

Sabine, a Clinical Exercise Scientist, has over 3 years specialising in Cardiac Rehabilitation, holds first-class degree in Medical Sciences.

Sabine has the expertise to guide your health, well-being, and fitness journey, crafting a bespoke exercise plan to meet your personal goals from improving your heart health to achieving a fitness milestone.

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